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ARTWAY DUO formed in 2005  Started playing in Sendai, Tokyo, Slovakia, etc. as a couple duo, and has been familiar to people by focusing on charity and volunteering in many performance activities.

Overseas, he was invited as a soloist by the Slovak Chamber Orchestra, Slovak Sinfonietta, and received a standing ovation on a concert tour, which was featured in newspapers and on television.

In addition, when the President and Mrs. Slovakia visit Japan for the first time, they are continuing their activities as much as possible to become a bridge between Japan and Slovakia, such as playing in front of them.

FXT37371-Edit Henri Portrait.jpg
Tatar Henri Violin
Henri TATAR   violin

Born in Slovakia. Winner of the Slovak Conservatory Competition. He graduated from the Slovak Academy of Music, the European Mozart Academy in Poland, and the Zurich Wintertur University of Music in Switzerland. Studied under the famous Hungarian violinist George Pauk. Served as a concertmaster of the Menuin Foundation Orchestra in France, participating in the European Union Youth Orchestra's European Tour (London, BBC Promus, etc.) and the Junes Musical World Orchestra's Canada-Europe Tour (Berlin Philharmonie Hall, etc.) ..
As a soloist, he collaborates with the orchestra and is developing activities to become a bridge between Slovakia and Japan. Currently, while working as a member of the Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra, he has performed in Beethoven Chamber Music with pianist Shoko Sugitani and cellist Ludwig van Beethoven, and has held recitals in Fukushima, Sendai, Tokyo, Yokohama, etc. ing. Recently, he planned a charity concert sponsored by the Slovak Embassy under the title of "SLOVAKIA FOR JAPAN".

Junko Kinoshita Piano
KINOSHITA Junko   piano

Completed the master's program at Tokyo University of the Arts after working at the Faculty of Music. After that, he obtained a soloist diploma from Zurich University of Music.
At the age of eight, he co-starred with Mozart's Piano Concerto with the Youth Orchestra in Maryland, USA, and was selected as a soloist while attending Tokyo University of the Arts. Frank command). While studying in Switzerland, he performed with the Wintertur Municipal Orchestra and was well received in newspapers.
3rd prize in the Takarazuka Vega Music Competition and 2nd prize in the Kawasaki Music Awards Competition. Received the highest award for newcomer audition. As a project dispatched by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, he traveled to various states of the United States with composer Koh-ichi Hattori, and held concerts such as solo and chamber music in Switzerland, Japan, the United States, and Germany.
He teaches younger generations at the Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin in Tokyo, but now he has moved to Sendai and is actively developing activities as a couple duo with the violinist Tatar Henry of the Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra. So far, he has held duo recitals in Tokyo, Sendai, Slovakia, etc. and has been well received.
In addition, he has been expanding his activities as an accompaniment for chamber music, wind instruments, stringed instruments, songs, etc., and recently as an orchestra keyboard player. He has studied under the late Keiko Tazawa, Keiko Suzuki, Katsumi Ueda, Klaus Schilde, and Gitti Pilner.

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