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愛の挨拶 Salut d'Amour


彼のリズム感は、本当に素晴らしい!! ノリノリだけでなく、彼がマリンバパートを編曲したり、と自由で生きた音楽が楽しいコンサートでした。 多才なパーカッショニストです。

We were keeping our fun to play on stage with our closest friends. One of them is timpanist and percussionist Masaya Takeuchi from Sendai Philharmonics. In all those years we played Piazolla's Four Seasons with many instruments but this one was most colorful and unusual. Masaya composed for his Marimba and other instruments vibrant part, which was interesting even for us to have on the stage so many interesting instruments.



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