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12月26日(月)18:30開演(18:00開場) エル・パーク仙台 ギャラリーホール ソプラノ歌手 齋藤翠さんをゲストに、2016年フィナーレを飾る音楽をお届けします! *ヴィヴァルディ:「冬」 *ヘンデル:私を泣かせてください *チャイコフスキー:懐かしい土地の思い出   など 一般券¥3,000(学生券¥1,000)

チケットは10月10日発売開始!! Dear friends. Our second winter event will be held in Sendai, right after Christmas Day on 26th December 2016. As usual, we always like to guest our friends. This time the soprano singer from Sendai SAITO Midori, will be performing with us some famous beautiful classical pieces in first half. After, the Artway Duo will perform beautiful "Souvenir from beloved place" with famous "Melody", and as a final piece we choose to perform Vivaldi's "Winter" in version for violin and piano. Online tickets will be available from 10th October at



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