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私たち ARTWAY DUO が、オリジナル曲をピアノとヴァイオリン、弦楽オーケストラのために編曲したのですが、思いの他大変で、クリスマスやお正月休みを返上して作業に取りかかり、莫大な時間と労力を使いました。


We were very happy to perform in Henri's homeland Slovakia. Zilina is Henri's student city, he spent there 6 years studying with Marie Balazova. He graduated with Slovak Sinfonietta and since then keeping a musical connection to this orchestra. This time Artway Duo performed own version of "Souvenir from the beloved place" written by Tchaikovsky. After 6 years again joining with our dear friend and highly respected conductor Leos Svarovsky. Standing ovations and warm atmosphere of the audience and orchestra members made this event unforgettable for us.



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